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Scooter rental and luggage storage: Rent Speedy Jack on Salina island.

Rent Speedy Jack offers, in addition to a scooter rental service, also a luggage storage.

Thanks to our experience and presence in the area, we are a point of support, a safe place to leave your luggage guarded.

Don't waste precious hours! Entrust us with your luggage and enjoy every minute of your holiday!

Sometimes you have to leave your hotel early in the morning but your departure is in the afternoon or even in the evening.
With us you can enjoy the island of Salina until the time of departure leaving your luggage guarded. You can collect them whenever you want and thus avoid carrying them around.
Contact us for our luggage storage service.

All of our services, in fact, have security as their lowest common denominator.

3d illustration: Land and a group of suitcases. To take a vacation rental

* Fill out the following form, you will be contacted immediately with instructions for storing your luggage.