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Rent Speedy Jack

Let me introduce myself, my name is Giacomo but everyone knows me as Jack, I love and respect this island, which I fell in love with in 2016, to the point of living there.

The idea of my rent was also born following another passion of mine, that of motorcycles, which is why I personally selected the brands of electric and motor scooters, which are part of the company.

I bet everything on Salina because I strongly believe in the island, in its beauty and in the young companies that live there.

I have already started a collaboration with B&B Sunrise, and I hope in the future to network with other young entrepreneurs who have bet on this magical place, just like me.

Our History

Our Services

All of our services have security as the lowest common denominator. We deal with

Relying on Rent Speedy Jack is a forward-looking and responsible choice. It is equivalent to putting yourself in the hands of people with mastery of the area, who know how not to disappoint you and meet all your requests.

Rent Speedy Jack therefore offers 125cc two-wheeled vehicles both ecological and combustion and a Luggage Storage service.